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  Patchwork & Applique Patterns
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patchwork and kitty block
     2009 BOM:
   4-Patch Frolic

2009 bom quilt
Each block in this BOM is based on a 4-patch grid.  Most blocks are comprised of squares and half-square triangles.  An appliqued cat is featured with each block, but is optional.  Most blocks require 3 color values: light, medium and dark.  Two require 4 values: light, medium A, medium B and dark.  If you choose to do the kitty silhouettes, make sure your dark fabrics will contrast with your chosen applique fabric - I'm using traditional black silhouettes, but silhouettes don't have to be black. 
Unless otherwise stated, use a 1/4" seam allowance.

Fabric Requirements
The chart below shows basic fabric requirements for the blocks.  Yardage needed for sashing and cornerstones are given separately.  Border options with their respective fabric requirements are given separately below.

8" blocks
12" blocks
Blocks only:
     medium A
     medium B
quilt top size:

1 yd.
5/8 yd.
1/8 yd.
5/8 yd.
24" x 32"

1-3/4 yd.
7/8 yd.
1/8 yd.
1 yd.
36" x 48"
Inner sash without cornerstones:
     2" finished width
     3" finished width
quilt top size:

1/2 yd.

28" x 38"

5/8 yd.
42" x 57"
Sash & border with cornerstones:
     2" finished width
     3" finished width
quilt top size:

5/8 & 1/4 yd.

32" x 42"

1-1/4 & 1/4 yd.
48" x 63"


Cheyenne quilt block
block pdf

Odds and Ends
Odds and Ends quilt block with kitty
block pdf

Irish Chain
Irish Chain quilt block with kitty
block pdf

Duck Tracks
duck tracks quilt block. with appliqued cat
block pdf

Mill Wheel
Mill Wheel quilt block with appliqued kitty
block pdf

Clay's Choice
Clay's Choice quilt block with appliqued cats
block pdf

Rising Star
Rising Star quilt block with cat applique
block pdf

Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Maid's Puzzle quilt block with cat applique
block pdf

Cherokee Spirit
Cherokee Spirit quilt block with cat silhouette
block pdf

School Girl's Puzzle
School Girl's Puzzle block with cat applique
block pdf

Flying X
Flying-X quilt block
block pdf

Grandmother's Spool
Granbdmother's Spool quilt block with kitty
block pdf

kitty silhouette applique patterns

Kitty Silhouette Applique Patterns

12 adorable cat silhouettes sized for both 8" and 12" blocks; reverse images included.   Use them with this BOM or use them in other projects of your choice.
 22 pages

See Home page for digital pattern purchase.

Border Ideas
How you choose to finish a sampler quilt will depend on several factors:
- the intended use (decor, bed, etc.)
- the intended recipient
- the amount of money you want to invest in fabric
- the amount of time you want to invest
The ideas below present a range from a super simple design appropriate for a baby quilt to a more elaborate design for an heirloom bed quilt.  Quilts below use 12" blocks.  Measurements refer to finished size and do not include seam allowance.  Estimated fabric requirements are for unpieced border strips.  Fabric for binding is based on self-made double-fold binding made from 2 - 2.5" wide strips.  (Kitty appliques on blocks are optional and are not shown on the quilts below.)

quilt with simple border
Super Simple Border
49" x 64"

sashing and border: 3" wide

light fabric: 2 yards
fabric for binding: .5 yard
quilt with basic border
Basic 4-Patch Border
57" x 73"

sashing: 2" wide
border 1 (innermost): 2" wide at sides, 3"             wide at top and bottom
border 2 (4-patch): 4" wide
border 3 (outermost): 2" wide

light fabric: 2.5 yards
dark fabric: .75 yard
fabric for binding: .5 yard

quilt with larger border
Wide Border
69" x 85"

sashing: 2" wide
border 1 (innermost): 2" wide at sides, 3"             wide at top and bottom
border 2 (4-patch): 4" wide
border 3 (outermost): 8" wide

light fabric: 3 yards
dark fabric: .75 yard
fabric for binding: .75 yard
quilt with cat border
Kitty Border
69" x 85"

sashing and borders same as Wide Border quilt at left; kitty silhouettes appliqued to 8" border

fabric for appliques: .75 yard

sashing: 2" wide
border 1 (innermost): 2" wide at sides,
 3" wide at top and bottom
border 2 (4-patch): 4" wide
border 3: 8" wide
border 4 (outer 4-patch): 4" wide

lght fabric: 3.5 yards
dark fabric: 1.25 yards
aplique fabric: .75 yard
fabric for binding: .75 yard
quilt with two checkered borders
Kitty Border with two 4-Patch Borders
77" x 93"
Border pdf

This project is dedicated in memory of Chrissy, a local high school student who lost her fight against breast cancer.  Her foster parents didn't think anyone so young could get breast cancer, so they assumed Chrissy was acting out for attention.  By the time the foster system moved Chrissy to another foster home with more knowledgeable parents, the cancer had progressed to an advanced stage and aggressive treatment wasn't enough to save Chrissy's life.  Cancer, like most diseases, has no respect for age or gender.  Breast cancer can strike young people and males.  If someone you know complains of a lump, play it safe and seek medical attention.


Copyright Notice

Designers and artisans work hard to bring you well-written patterns and quality crafts and artwork. Please respect us and our work by respecting the copyright laws. All patterns, instructions and graphics used on this website are copyrighted. They are not free to use without getting permission from the original creator first. Unless otherwise stated, free patterns are provided for your personal use only and may not be reproduced by any means for the purpose of selling or distributing freely to others. Thank you.

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Adaptations for
Charms & Jelly Rolls


HSTs Method C
This method gives you a small bonus HST for every regular size HST made.  The drawback is that there is no margin of error so you must cut and sew accurately.  The pinked edges on most "jelly roll" strips fray and make this more challenging, but it's not impossible.  (Note: measure width of jelly roll strip from pinked tip to pinked tip, not from dip to dip.)

1. Cut your squares the desired size of the unfinished HST required.  If you need 2.5" unfinished HSTs, cut 2.5" squares.

step 1
2. Draw a diagonal line on the back side of the lighter square.  Draw another line 1/2" from the first.

step 2
3. Sew on each line.

step 3
4. Cut halfway between the two lines of stitching.

step 4
5. Press open.  Trim small bonus HST to desired size.

background graphic by Lisa's Country Clipart