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       2011 BOM:
  Home on the Range

home on the rangee bom

This year's BOM has a cowboy theme.  Each pieced block in this BOM is based on a 7-patch (or 49-patch) grid.  Most blocks are comprised of squares and half-square triangles.   A cowboy themed applique design is featured with each block. These designs can be used to embellish the pieced blocks or as quilting stencils or alone on a plain (or plaid or bandana) fabric background to make a simple child's quilt.  I will be doing quilt-as-you-go blocks and willl use these designs as quilt stencils. 

For the pieced blocks, you will need a minimum of four color values: very light, light medium, dark medium and dark.  If you choose to do the cowboy themed designs, make sure your dark fabric will contrast with your chosen applique fabric. I'm using a range of primary school colors (think of a box of crayons) and rope colored thread for machine quilting.  This BOM works well with scraps if you keep a sharp contrast between your lights, mediums and darks.  

You will have a choice of making 7", 14" or 21" blocks.  I will be made 7" blocks because they're easy to scan, but I recommend the larger sizes unless you really, really love working with 1" squares and 1" half-square triangle units.  Warning: there are lots of half-square triangle units in this BOM -- many blocks have 16 and one block has a whopping 28!

Unless otherwise stated, use a 1/4" seam allowance.

Note: Since I haven't had much experience with quilt-as-you-go methods with large items, I rushed to Wal-mart one night and bought some inexpensive fabrics to test things out before using my more expensive fabrics.  This is why you'll see similar but not quite alike blocks.  The Wal-mart blocks also better match the Electric Quilt blocks; the Connecting Threads blocks will show a more scrappy look with different colors used for the mediums and dark values.

my fabrics for cowboy bom

My choice of fabrics for this BOM is the Elementary fabric pack from Connecting Threads

  Tonganoxie Nine-Patch original coloring
This is the traditional colorway for block #2.  As you can see from the images below, I changed the coloring quite a bit to get more colors in the block.  I've done this with several of the blocks in this BOM.  You have the option of using the traditional colorways in your project.


Bear's Paw quilt block
Bear's Paw
pdf file

cowboy boot applique pattern
Cowboy Boot
pdf file

Tonganoxie 9-Patch quilt block
Tonganoxie 9-Patch
pdf file

cowboy shirt applique
Cowboy Shirt
pdf file
outline drawings can be used as quilting stencils
Girl Next Door quilt block
Girl Next Door
temporary pdf file

bandana applique
Cowboy Bandana
pdf file
Best Friens quilt block
Best Friends
temporary pdf

horse head applique
Horse's Head
Texas Two-Step quilt block
Texas Two-Step

horseshoe quilt block

Roundup quilt block
Roundup (original)

chaps applique pattern

Cowboy Star quilt block
Cowboy Star (original)

circle star applique pattern
Circle Star Brand

Pink Magnolia quilt block
Pink Magnolia

cowgirl outfit quilt block
Cowgirl Outfit
Old Fashioned Quilt pieced block
Old Fashioned Quilt


saddle applique pattern

Montana Maze or Mountain Maze quilt block
Montana Maze
aka Mountain Maze


The Cowboy Block quilt block
The Cowboy Block

cowboy hat applique pattern
Cowboy Hat

Bucking Bronco quilt block
Bucking Bronco

belt applique pattern
Cowboy Belt

Extra! Extra!

There are two more applique/stencil patterns!  One is a linear design for using in sashing and borders; the other is just a bit of fun for quilters.

longhorn steer applique
Longhorn Steer

quilters' brand applique
Quilters' Brand



Copyright Notice

Designers and artisans work hard to bring you well-written patterns and quality crafts and artwork. Please respect us and our work by respecting the copyright laws. All patterns, instructions and graphics used on this website are copyrighted. They are not free to use without getting permission from the original creator first. Unless otherwise stated, free patterns are provided for your personal use only and may not be reproduced by any means for the purpose of selling or distributing freely to others.  Thank you.

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Making Half-Square Triangles (HSTs)
  half-square triangle unit
This BOM uses lots of HSTs!  Below are directions for three popular methods for making these units.  My cutting instructions call for squares large enough for methods A and B.  Method C uses squares that are 1/2 inch smaller - if you prefer this method just cut your squares 1/2 inch smaller (for example, 3.5" instead of 4").  You will be sewing on the bias with any method - be careful not to stretch the fabric as you sew.

Method A
1. Draw a diagonal line on the back side of the light fabric squares.
2. Sew 1/4" from each side of drawn line.
3. Cut on drawn line.
4. Open and press.
5. Trim to exact size needed.

  Method B
1. Cut the squares in half diagonally.
2. Stack 2 triangles right sides together.
3. Sew on long side 1/4" from edge.
4. Open and press.
5. Trim to exact size needed.

 Method C
This method gives you a small bonus HST for every regular size HST made.  The drawback is that there is no margin of error so you must cut and sew accurately.  The pinked edges on most "jelly roll" strips fray and make this more challenging, but it's not impossible.  (Note: measure width of jelly roll strip from pinked tip to pinked tip, not from dip to dip.)

1. Cut your squares the desired size of the unfinished HST required.  If you need 2.5" unfinished HSTs, cut 2.5" squares.
step 1

2. Draw a diagonal line on the back side of the lighter square.  Draw another line 1/2" from the first.
step 2

3. Sew on each line.

step 3
4. Cut halfway between the two lines of stitching.

step 4
5. Press open.  Trim small bonus HST to desired size.

Method D
This method makes 8 HSTs with just 4 lines of stitching.  It's a great method to use when making miniature blocks.

1.  Cut squares twice the size needed for methods A and B.
draw diagonal lines on back side of fabrric
2.  Draw 2 diagonal lines on the back side of the lightest color square.

sew 1/4 inch from diagonal lines
3.  With right sides together, stitch 1/4 inch from both sides of both lines.
4.  Cut in half vertically and horizontally.
 cut in fourths, then cut each fourth in half between stitched lines
5.  Cut each small square in half diagonally.  Press each unit open and trim to desired size.

(hmm, white doesn't show up that well...new images with colored fabric or thread are coming.)


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