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2017 BOM:

 For the Birds

It's time to restart my 2017 BOM!  Life kinda got in the way shortly after I started this BOM.  Life does that at times.  But things have settled and it's time to get busy again.  My plan is to reintroduce blocks 1-4 two per month, then resume at normal speed (one per  month) in June when block 5 will be introduced.   I'm also changing the applique just a bit by doing coordinating Sundrop Critter applique blocks in addition to the silhouette patterns.  I'll let you choose which to use in your project and how you want to use them.

Like my kitten and puppy BOMs, this one is a combination of piecing and applique.  This time, however, the appliques are on separate blocks.  If you absolutely, positively do not like applique, you can substitute a simple pieced block.  But these appliques are simple silhouettes, so I hope you'll give them a try.

The patterns will include cutting measurements for 6" and 12" blocks for the pieced blocks, and the projects have different layout designs for each size.  Of course, you're welcome to come up with your own latout design.  In the illustrations, the rotary cutter represents pieced blocks and the threaded needle represents applique blocks.  Both designs work well as 2 or 3 color (light, medium and dark) quilts or as scrappy quilts with light and dark colors that contrast well.  If making a 2-color quilt, choose a second dark for the medium.  I'm using a pale cream and an assortment of reds (pulled from my fabric stash) to distinguish this BOM from the pink kitten and blue puppy BOMs.  But I think this BOM would look wonderful in blues, so when time allows, I'll also be making the blocks in white and an assortment of blues.

You can find more details about layouts and yardage requirements on my blog (scroll down to the entry for March 1).

All of the blocks in this BOM use flying geese units.  My block instructions show the method of making these one at a time, as this is generally the best method when using scraps.  But there are several other methods for making multiple units.  If you decide to use just two or three fabrics in your For the Birds project, you might like one of these methods better.  I've posted links to several sites that provide instructions for these alternate methods on my blog (scroll down to the posts for March 2 and 4).  I'll add more updated tutorials as I find them.
Bird BOM wall hanging
 Wall quilt layout using 6" pieced blocks and 4" applique blocks.  Sahing can be added between blocks or rows to make the quilt wider or longer or both.

For the Birds BOM throw size quilt
Throw size quilt using 12" blocks.  Appliques could replace some of the 9-patch cornerstones.

New 2020 Schedule:

April 20-May 19 -- do Darting Bird and Garden Square pieced blocks, and Little Birdie (Finch) and Ostrich applique blocks.  Links to pieced and silhouette pattern PDFs are provided below.  You will find the coordinating Sundrop Critter patterns on my home page, but you must download those before May 20.

May 20-June 19 --  Cowboy  Star and  Aunt  Sukey's Choice pieced  blocks,  and  Owl and Toucan  applique  blocks.The coordinating Sundrop Critter blocks should appear on my Home page on May 20 sometime after 5:00 p.m. PDT.

June 20-July 19 -- Double T pieced block and Eagle applique block.

Darting Bird quilt block
Darting Bird

Little Birdie silhouette applique pattern
Little Birdie Silhouette

Garden Square quilt block
Garden Square

ostrich silhouette pattern
Ostrich Silhouette
Cowboy Star quilt block
Cowboy Star

owl silhouette appliqua pattern
Owl Silhouette
Aunt Sukey's Choice
Aunt Sukey's Choice

toucan silhouette applique pattern
Toucan Silhouette

Capital T quilt block
Capital T

eagle silhouette applique
Eagle Silhouette
Salem pieced quilt block
pdf - coming

emperor penguin silhouette
Emperor Penguin


Pieced block
is coming.

swan silhouette applique pattern






Extra! Extra!

There will be a 13th pieced block for this BOM.  If  you don't like one of the first 12 blocks, substitute the 13th block in its place.  Or use the Darting Birds block instead of the applique blocks and substitute block 13 for block 1.



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