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Information, Projects Patterns for Charity

Help Haiti
Instead of paying me for these patterns, please make a donation to a charity of your choice to benefit Haiti.  Several charities with good reputations are listed to the right (the letter grade was given by Charity Watch).

"laugh" applique block
Laugh block
suggested donation: $2.00

"live" applique block
Live block
suggested donation: $2.00

"love" applique
Love block
suggested donation: $2.00

"give" applique block
Give block
suggested donation: $2.00

International Medical Corps  (A+)

International Rescue Committee  (A+)

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) (A+)

Doctors Without Borders (A)

Compassion International (A)

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (A)

Habitat for Humanity (A-)

American Red Cross (A-)

PayPal’s Donation to Haiti site

Note: Some of the organizations above also have online stores with some really neat gifts for sale.  Profits from sales go to the charity to benefit others.

 love/live/laugh/give quilt    love quilt with black paisley
These blocks remind me of the pop art of the '60's and '70's, so I used bright colors and set them in a skewed log cabin block.
Pillowcase Dresses
These can be sewn for girls in Haiti or for girls in other impoverished areas.   The links below relate to Haiti.

Jami in Action - The Princess Project 

Dresses for Haiti

Instructions for dresses using elastic (best type for small children - less danger of choking)
Other Projects
Britches for Boys pattern – make shorts from t-shirts!  Site also has info on pillowcase dresses.

Tote  Bags  -  I know people are making bags for homeless Haitians to keep their day-to-day stuff, but I can't find any specific groups doing this.   If you know of one, e-mail me.

Samaritan's Purse - in addition to accepting monetary donations, this organization recruits volunteers for hands-on relief projects

A Quilt of a Different Kind
Ruby Sprengle, a product design major at the University of Oregon, has come up with a way to make tarps for the people of Haiti by fusing plastic grocery bags together.  She's looking for volunteers to make tarps and for people going to Haiti who can deliver the tarps.  For more information, check out .

Charities for Humans
Charities for Animals
Network for Good  
A bevy of information about charities of all kinds. 

Helping kids understand natural disasters:
Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book - pdf file

Noah's Wish
Specializes in helping animals and their humans during disasters in the United States and Canada.

Check with your local animal shelters and wildlife rehabilitation centers for other ways to help locally.  Many shelters can use donated blankets/quilts for dogs and cats, and somtetimes handcrafted pet toys are appreciated.

Charities for Using Your Quilting and Sewing Skills

Project Linus

This organization distributes hand-crafted quilts and blankets of all kinds and sizes to children in need of something warm and soft to cuddle. Free quilt pattern sometimes available.

Wrap Them in Love

This organization distributes quilts to needy children around the world. If you can't make an entire quilt, send them blocks and they'll find someone to make quilts from them.

This site has instructions for a variety of projects for charitable causes: dolls, quilts, blankets, Christmas stockings, wheelchair totes, clothes, caps for cancer patients, etc.

Nancy's Notions lists many more charitable organizations in the Creative Kindness section.  Free projects can be found in the Creative Kindness and the Free Projects sections.

TLC for Angels

This organization's goal is to provide blankets and other needed items to babies in hospitals.  Their website gives lots of ideas (including patterns) as to how people, even non-crafty people, can be involved.  I was quite impressed with their TLC Cherubs program that involves kids of all ages in this charity work.  They have local chapters in most states and Canada and Australia. Scroll down near bottom of their page to find links to other pages.

Quilts From Caring Hands
Fidget Quilts
This site has instructions for making lap size quilts that have lots of tactile stimuli - great for kids or for vision-impaired people of all ages.

Quilt for a Cure

This charity raises funds for breast cancer research.  Site tells how funds are raised and provides links to free patterns at McCall's Quilting.

Hope Dolls/Planes/Trains

Although this is a local charity based in Portland, Oregon, I'm giving it recognition here because of it's 2-in-1 nature.  The main purpose of this charity is to provide toys to abused, neglected and low-income children.  In doing this, volunteers teach at-risk teens to repair toys and make doll clothes to give to children, thus teaching the teens valuable skills and building self-esteem.  Wonderful!

Camp Heart to Heart

Sandy's Husqvarna Supercenter in Lexington, Kentucky collects 9" quilt blocks to make into quilts for Camp Heart to Heart, a camp for children infected with or affected by  HIV/AIDS.   Click here then scroll down to near bottom of page for more information.

Camp Heart to Heart is a project of the Kentucky Lions Club.  Check with your local Lions Club to see if there are other opprtunities to help with projects in your area.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

This international organization provides homes for families of children hospitalized with a critical illness.  Visit their website for general information on how you can help, and to find Ronald McDonald Houses in your area.  Consult your local Ronald McDonald House for specific ways you can help them.

Free Block Patterns

kids with disabilities
Sundrop Kids, set 2

Years ago, a child with a physical difference could feel like he/she was the only child on earth with that difference.  We've come a long way with accepting all kids in the mainstream of life, but there's still room for improvement.  You're welcome to use these applique patterns for personal use and charitable causes to help further the acceptance of people with so-called "disabilities."
Dusty - pdf
Autumn/Austin - pdf
Crystal/Chris - pdf
Logan/Logann - pdf

heart block

Braided Heart block

This foundation-pieced block symbolizes the 9/11 Tragedy: red for those who died, blue for those in mourning, and white for those in alliance to fight terrorism, all braided together in a symbol of strength.

Puppy Pattern!

puppy block
Meet York, the Sundrop Puppy ! He's all decked out in patriotic colors to honor the fire fighters and police officers and their valiant canine assistants.   Click here for more project ideas and the pdf pattern.

Sundrop Kitten block

kitten block
This appliqué block is perfect for children's quilts. For preschool children, consider making the kitten from flannel or other fabrics that are fun to touch and feel.

Quilt-Design frequently has free patterns that are child-appealing.  This site also has Norwegian and German versions.

Christine Thresh has a foundation pieced flag pattern. Choose between a horizontal flag or a vertically hanging flag.

The online branch of Quiltmaker magazine offers several free patterns and an annual pattern for Project Linus at

Mary Graham has 3 beautiful block patterns devoted to the 9/11 tragedy at Quilters Online Resource .

Prayers and Squares

This interfaith ministry ties quilts to give to people in need of prayer.  Visit their website for details or to find a chapter near you.

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