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Patchwork and Applique Patterns
for Quilters, Stitchers & Crafters

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Applique Patterns: Elfkins
Pixiekins are diminuative pixies with cherubic bodies.  Their elfkin cousins resemble them but have no wings.
I think they're the wee beings living in the blackberry bushes - the beings my dogs bark at but I never see.

Please Note: Patterns sold on this page fit 8-9" blocks or larger. 
For smaller patterns scaled for Margo Rose's Wee Village houses, click here. 

elfkins with Christmas ornaments

Elfkins at Work
At Christmastime, even the youngest elfkins have work to do, although polishing the balls might seem more like play to them.

  applique pattern for 8" block or larger

elfkins ice skating

Elfkins on Ice
If you have no wings to fly, then skating on ice is the next best thing.

applique pattern for 8" block or larger, figures are about 6" tall

3 leprechauns

These three mischievous leprechauns took a rainbow flight from Ireland to visit their elfkin cousins.

appplique pattern fits 8" block or larger

elfkin and Easter Bunny

Helping the Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny recruited help coloring the eggs, but just where did the elfkins get those eggs?

applique pattern for 8" block or larger

elfkin painting easter eggs

Easter Eggs
These eggs certainly contain a few surprises! 
Companion pieces for Helping the Easter Bunny for extra large block or table runner.

applique pattern - elfkin girl about 5" tall

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